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2012 Award of Merit - Parque Sagrada Familia
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Project Category: Student - Open Space - Graduate Level

Project Name: Parque Sagrada Familia

Student: Devin Cejas - Florida International University

Length of Design Effort & Date of Completion: Spring 2011

Faculty Advisors: Gianno Feoli

Nestled in a common middle class Barcelona neighborhood, Gaudi’s unfinished Sagrada Familia merits global attention. The basilica currently sits in between two parks and is then surrounded by the ubiquity of dwelling infrastructure within the Gracia and Sants neighborhoods. The eldest of the two parks is Parque de Retiro and has complimented the basilica’s nativity façade for over a hundred years.

The remaining open space reflects the most recently completed Passion façade. This façade receives much notoriety for it’s modern aesthetic and it’s currently the main entrance to the basilica. The parcel of open space currently accommodates a park that has not yet reached its full potential due to the buffer created by the constant flow of tour busses that continually drop off and pick up visitors.

This park, Parque Sagrada Familia, can play a vital role in relieving the current touristic stresses that has plagued the immediate surrounding neighborhoods. Local commerce directly across the Carrer de Sicilia is directly affected by the buffer, which prevents visitors from safely crossing the street. In addition, the views from these businesses are stifled due to this bisecting blight. This disconnect is synonymous along three off the four edges along this block. One of these edges directly faces the basilica with visitors waiting for the busses to disperse to shot their photograph.

The aim of this design is to eradicate the tensions surrounding the sites edges by harboring touristic volume while simultaneously reciprocating reflective views to the basilica’s Passion façade. The park will now have a plaza directly facing the basilica’s façade and at the same elevation point of the basilica’s plinth were visitors and residents can both reflect and take in their memory.

A lawn is provided and it’s the hierarchal centerpiece of the park’s design, elevating all visitors above the surrounding elements to lie and reflect upon the Sagrada Familia’s hierarchal presence over the City of Barcelona. In addition, intimate corridors throughout provide residents and visitors alike with uninterrupted access for moments of pause and commuting. 

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